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The movesmart sensors measure the activation of your muscles during a golf swing.

With the video recording, you
analyse, understand and control your muscle tension and immediately improve your golf swing.


movesmart is an interaction of the sensors and the app. The sensors measure the electrical voltage through surface electromyography (sEMG). It is generated by an impulse from your brain to a muscle. The stronger the impulse, the stronger the muscle activation.

The measurement data is transmitted to the app via Bluetooth and stored with a video. Various display options support you in your analysis.

How do you improve your swing with movesmart?

Here is the example of an analysis of «spooning», which leads to considerable loss of length.


Analysis «spooning»
The so-called «spooning» is visible to the naked eye. The balls fly too high and distance is lost. The club head overtakes the hands before impact.

The analysis with movesmart shows precisely that the player activates the muscles in the right forearm and wrist very strongly before impact (white is at 34). The left side is rather passive (red and blue are at 15) during the downswing and impact.

And how can you now improve?

The improvement:
In the example, you correct
«spooning» with a stronger activation of the left forearm.

Your result:
More length in your strokes!


Solution «spooning»
In this example, you correct «spooning» with less use of the right wrist and more focus on your left side. You are consciously using the left forearm muscle (the value of red increases from 15 to 27).

Typically, you automatically activate the right side less (white decreases from 34 to 29). The values of the 4 sensors show a good balance.

The result: your take-off angle is lower and you have more length!

With movesmart you build up a feeling for the intensity of the muscle activation.

Four steps to start ...

1. Select a player


The first step is to add and select a player. It is necessary to enter all the player's data, only then can a recording be started. Your recordings and data of a player can be used at any time for various analyses and comparisons.

Of course, we treat your data with the utmost care and discretion and store and process it in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations. Full control over your data is guaranteed at all times.

2. Select the presets for the sensor positions


Before you start training, select the proper preset. You see a selection of combinations of sensor positions that you want to monitor during the golf swing. You can also create your own combination.

The sensors have different colour codes for better recognition during analysis.

3. Attach and switch on the sensors


Switch on the sensors and place them on the muscles.

Pay attention to the colour codes displayed in the preset. The sensors must be attached on the muscle surface.

4. Select the settings for video recording: manual, voice or stroke detection


Recording mode
You can record your shots via voice control or stroke recognition, or trigger them manually. Your swings are recorded continuously. You can configure the recording time before and after the impact.

Frame rate
You can set the number of frames per second (fps). For a detailed view of a shot, 120 fps are necessary. This accuracy is particularly required for fast movements such as a full golf swing. For slower movements as putting and chipping, 30 fps can be used, which saves storage space.

Graph mode
You can select two graphical modes: The option «Absolute» displays the measured values on a fixed scale between 0 and 100. The option «Scaled» shows the maximum measured value of the respective sensor as the upper maximum value of the scale for all sensors. This setting can be switched back and forth as desired during a recording and playback.

… and movesmart is ready for use

For more analysis, check out our tutorial videos.

They will give you further guidance on how to interpret your recordings.

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